Organization Structure

Organisational Structure of the Department

Names and brief responsibilities of the sections under department

(1) Administraction

  • Recuritment, promotion and dismission of personnels.
  • Training and education related activities for participants both in home and abroad.
  • Welfare services for personnels.
  • Finance planning, control and management.
  • Implementing procument both in home and abroad. Distribution.
  • Assist by means of administrative measures for project implementation and management.

(2) National Hydrological Research and Planning Department

  • Preparatory research for river training.
  • Least Available Depth (LAD) prediction.
  • Ayeyarwady and Chindwin data bank improvement for river training works.
  • Qualitative and quantities study on river water resources.
  • Develop the hydrographic envelopes of gauge stations on major rivers.

(3) Navigation Section

  • Introduction of lighted bouys for the stretch of Mandalay and Bagan.
  • Navigation aids for inland waterways.
  • Promulgation of navigation warning.
  • Publication of river routes.

(4) Surveying Section

  • Hydrographic survey works operations are done to support river engineering works, dredging works and navigation aids operation.
  • Channel surveying and mapping.
  • Surveying and technical suggestions for waterways of the cross river birdges.

(5) River Engineering Section

  • Implementation of navigation channels along the Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers according to master plan.
  • Implementation of bank protection works.
  • Improvement of Twantay canal.
  • Establishment of river ports.

(6) Dredging Section

  • Reclamation works.
  • Dredging works for the improvement of access channels.
  • Dredging works for the improvement of navigation channels and harbours.
  • Establishment of river ports.

(7) Marine and Equipment Department

  • Management and maintenance of vessels
  • Vessels docking and repair