Presentations For National Water Forum 2014

Agriculture Water (MoAI) [Download]
Drinking Water and Public Health (MoH) [Download]
Urban Water Supply (MoC) [Download]
Water Resources Conservation and Disaster Protection (MoT) [Download]
Rural Water Supply (MoLFRD) [Download]
Water Supply,Sewerage System and the Improvement Projects for Yangon City (YCDC)  [Download]
2014 MWF W&E final2 TWG-2 [Download]
Watershed Management  in Myanmar (MoECAF) [Download]
Presentation for Water for Food NWRC 21.10.14 (UMMH) [Download]
Water and Climate Change TWG3 DrKNNT [Download]
Water Forum TG5(Dr. Khin Maung Lwin) [Download]
Water Quality & Pollution Control (final) [Download]
Key Messages of Water Forum 2014 [Download]
National Water Policy [Download]